Nothing but pure TALENT

You don’t hear voices like hers. The only voices that are similar with her talent is Adele. They seriously do need to tour together. Florence and The Machine has delivered an amazing new album that is really worth listening to. She gives great live performances which I can’t wait to hear one day. This by far is my favorite live performance by her. She hella kills it and the ending is so badass and soothing with her high note.


Oh moon of mine

Roadtirp September 2011

Had to get out of the desert city and spend some family time with my parents. We headed off to San Francisco’s Fisherman Wharf and had some delicious sea food. after that just walked around the boardwalk and then left to see the Golden Gate Bridge by the time we got there it was already too dark to see anything including the fog but I was still happy to be there and breathe in that cool breeze. After that we took highway 101 (Pacific Coast Highway) and drove off to Redwood Forest. Watching the stars up there was phenomenal and amazing especially while listening to Coldplay. Redwood Forest was amazing. It stretched out for miles and along with more of the beautiful sea sites made it even more wonderful. After two days there we went to Coos Bay, Oregon its a pretty small town and nothing to exciting there. I wish we could’ve gone to Yachats but that’ll be for another time. after that we went off to Portland the weather changed and it was a little warmer. It was pretty good to walk the streets. Didn’t have much to see but it was nice. After that we settled in a small town a couple miles away from Portland. Until the morning came got packed up and and headed up to Seattle, Washington. I Fell in love with that city. It was very elegant and loved the culture, it reminded me a lot of San Fran which I also love I didn’t want to leave but something tells me that I will be back and when I go back hopefully I will live there.

Can’t wait for this….

So far Ive heard 3 new drake songs that are off his upcoming album and i seriously can not wait for it. Good music like this is well needed.

Trippy and at the same time good.

So my friend introduced me to this trippy song by Bjork. It’s trippy because you think something is going to pop out at  you but then at the same time you want to keep listening to it. But at the most time its kind of relaxing.

Saw this one on my friends post.

“Forgiveness is more then saying sorry… to forgive is devine, let’s share a glass of wine.. we’ll have makeup sex till the end of time time (echo) ttiiiiime.”  Samantha James