More riding

It’s been two months since I’ve been on a ride but she inspires me to get back on my bike again and go for a long ride.


I really can’t believe that the year is almost done. It’s December 2nd and here I wonder how time goes around all the hours and the minutes along with seconds that seek the new dawn. So far I’ve had a good year and met some wonderful people along the way. I never regret anything that I’ve done and I don’t think I ever will. New plans for next year well I don’t plan anything I just see where it’s all going to lead me then I’ll know what to do by then. The only thing that I do have planned for next year is to go see the beautiful city of  San Francisco and oh damn I can’t wait for that. Life is nothing but a speed of light. So you do what you can and if it doesn’t work out then there’s a reason for it.

-Moment of Life-  Neiva L.

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